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Painting Projects

Interior and Exterior Painting

Home USA painters can service all types of painting projects, whether your job requires interior, exterior, ceilings, rooms or walls. Painting your home adds both value and protection. A properly painted home can yield a higher selling price and increased curb appeal.

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Benefits To Painting Your House Outweigh the Costs

When looking to improve a home and increase its value at the same time, few home improvement projects are as affordable while providing a return on investment like painting a home. Depending on the type of paint selected and labor expenses, the benefits to painting a home outweigh the costs. When doing a home remodeling and renovation, painting a home costs between about $2.50 to $4.50 per square foot, which is much less than the cost of a kitchen or bathroom remodel or other project.

When hiring a professional painting crew for home remodeling and renovation, most homeowners will spend between about $4,000 and $6,000 for full remodeling of the interior and exterior. Repainting the interior might run between about $1,700 and $2,300 and the exterior about $2,400 to $3,400. That is much less than the cost of adding a new roof, windows, doors, siding, heating or cooling system.

Homeowners could choose to reduce the costs of their home improvement projects by doing the jobs themselves, but hiring professional painting crews will help ensure all work is done properly and will last much longer while eliminating the long hours that homeowners otherwise might spend on the project.

The cost of painting a home during remodeling or renovation, whether inside or out, generally results in a return on investment that is greater than the actual expense for the home improvement project. If $5,000 were spent on a home-painting project, a homeowner could anticipate an increase in value exceeding the $5,000 investment with about a 112 percent return. Only updating plumbing and electrical systems and kitchen or bathroom remodel projects on average provide a greater return on investment, but painting is much more affordable, far faster and is easily identifiable, particularly when preparing a home for resale.

A kitchen or bathroom remodel can disrupt normal home use for several days during home remodeling and renovation, but repainting a house typically will take up no more than a day for any given room, and several rooms usually can be done in a day and sometimes the whole interior. Painting also is far less invasive than other home improvement projects, such as installing a new roof, windows, doors, siding, heating or cooling system.

A professionally painted home looks great, exudes cleanliness and helps a homeowner boost its value beyond the expense of the project. Finding a good professional painting crew is the best way to ensure the work is done properly and provides the type of value sought when undertaking a home remodeling and renovation project.