Latest Home Painting Trends

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Painting a home is both a practical necessity and a chance to express one’s individuality. Paint is inexpensive and easy to use. Your choices of colors and pattern are limited only by your imagination. While certain looks are always in style, in recent years certain painting trends have become more popular.

One such trend is the use of colors inspired by the coast. People have been drawn to the sea. Taking a cue from the colors of the ocean and the shore is highly popular today. Soft blues, whites and subtle browns are all used to mimic the feel of the beach and the waves. A soothing sense of being in harmony with nature is wonderful for a home by the shore.

Another highly popular trend is a home painting style that uses standard colors such as red and white but in bolder shades and patterns. People are seeking to make a statement with color. A room decked out in bright reds and yellows helps bring in a sense of creative energy that can inspire new thoughts and ideas. Bright colors that are familiar are also ideal for kid’s rooms.

Yet another current home painting trend is the use of specially designed individual colors. Colors is an ideal way of showing one’s very personal style. Rather than turn to standard colors that have already been created by someone else, people are looking to create their own. With new technology, paint can be matched to any color ever seen anywhere. People are looking around and finding out which items they like then bringing these items or a photograph of them to a local paint store to create a customized look that suits their own special style.

Stripes are also very popular. Vertical stripes can help bring the eye upwards and make a smaller feel less boxy and confining. Horizontal stripes can help large spaces feel more inviting and cozy. Particularly popular are stripes in shades with subtle contrasts. People are using color schemes like lilac against mauve and sky blue with aquamarine. The gentle contrast helps make a room feel detailed and rich.

People have also turned to other countries for inspiration. Especially popular right now are home painting colors pulled from the topics. Warm and intense shades of yellow, orange, brown, blue, purple and green can make a room feel like a inviting retreat even on the coldest of winter days. Look for colors that bring to mind an aspect of the region that you particularly like such as the vibrant flowers lining a path to a secluded beach hut.

Carefully chosen colors are essential. Tap into current trends for inspiration and find your own personal ideal space.